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Learnt Up

Jun 5, 2017

Lorraine and Sarah get learnt up on black and Jewish scandals!! On this episode, Lorraine digs into the herstory of Thomas Jefferson's relationship with his slave/half-sister-in-law Sally Hemings, while Sarah investigates the murder of DC intern/Jewish person Chandra Levy. Politicians be crushin' on Jewish interns, y'all! And slave masters be engagin' in some non-consens' nonsense with their property! Spoiler: None of this is romantic!!! Also, Jared Kushner is the "after" picture at Jafar's eyebrow threading salon. And Katy Perry isn't Jewish, thanks be to God. True crime is trending, and race has never been hotter! The Learnt Up ladies are keeping you cool n' hip, #yourewelcome.