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Learnt Up

Jun 12, 2017

It's pride month and Lorraine and Sarah are getting learnt up on black and Jewish gay icons! Sarah discovers living legend Barbra Streisand aka Babs Bunny -- guess what, guys? Funny Girl is delightful AND one of two movies that are good despite being over 2 hours long. (The other is Titanic, duh.) This chick is the realest, and she never let the haters/the Hollywood machine change her face. The nose knows! Anyway, Lorraine schools everyone on black queer heavy-hitter Audre Lorde, the original Lorde! She's talkin womanism, intersectionality, erotic self-knowledge, ya know, what the kids are talking about in chat rooms. Also, Lorraine and Audre have really similar teeth! This episode is long n an...iconic way?