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Learnt Up

Jul 25, 2017

Lorraine & Sarah break the Learnt Up mold to share stuff they learnt but didn't get to cover in past episodes. As diehard Learnters might recall from the gangsters episode (Learnt Up #15) - Lorraine did hours of research on the Bloods/Crips gang rivalry before ultimately deciding to discuss Mutulu Shakur. Well, prepare to get your wig peeled back (that's street slang for getting your head blown off) because TODAY she tells us about the Bloods/Crips origin story. These are two of the most violent and feared gangs in U.S. history so tune in unless you want the Learnt Up squad to catch wreck (that's street slang for engaging in reckless behavior while acquiring street cred at the same time). Rate/review/subscribe, blood-- oops we mean, cuz-- no wait we mean... uhhh... ya know... you guys reading this.