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Learnt Up

Aug 8, 2017

Annnnnd we're back, with another episode of Wig or No Wig -- the game show that shows you a bunch of ultra-Orthodox women and you have to guess if they're wearing wigs or not! Hint: they all are! Just kidding, this is Learnt Up, a podcast! But we are bringing you part 2 of Orthodox Jews, because there's LOTS to know and Sarah wasn't done. (She's not really "done" now cuz, like, learning is a lifelong journey, but also because Orthodoxy is super nuanced and complex, and people probably study it in school.) She digs into what it means to be a woman in a community where men are the public faces of their families and female rabbis are basically non-existent. Also, if you're wondering what Orthodox women's bathing suits look like, which Hasidic hat to wear at your next hipster gathering, or how early Lorraine and Sarah got body hair, we got you covered!